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Gear List for Scouters can be found here

Directions To the Russell  Fair Grounds:

Russell Fair Grounds, Russell, Ontario. Directions To the Russell Fairgrounds from Ottawa


Banquet Dinner provided.

  • Caesar salad, BBQ Chicken Brest, Mashed Potatoes, Vegetables, Buns
  • An alternate menu for allergies or dietary requirements will be provided upon request. Please email: our registrar 
  • All attendees must bring their ditty bags with them for lunch.
  • For the banquet paper plates, cups and cutlery will be provided
Sled Categories:

Junior and Senior Sled Categories 
At registration, each youth's year of birth must be provided. The senior and junior sled designation will be done on the basis of of the average of the birth years.

KD Sled Team Member list (one page per team) 

Half of the sleds in the Derby will be placed in the junior category and half in the senior category based on the sled's average age.

If there are multiple sleds at the median, they will be randomly and evenly distributed to junior and senior categories.

The determination of a Senior or Junior sled is made on the day of the Klondike Derby. 
It is determined by the average age of the sled members compared against the average age across the event.
Sometimes a slight adjustment might be required if we have a lot of sleds around the same age.
Guidelines for making up your sled team: 
- The Troop should make sure that they have an appropriate mix of Scouts that will be able to deal with the physical and knowledge aspects of the activities. 
- Leaders can look at the mix of games on the website. Interpersonal relationships are important as well because working as a team is an important aspect of the scoring. 
- You can reference the scoring rubric for useful scoring information when making up the teams (when it is available).


Winning sleds receive a magnificent trophy which they keep for one year. All youth on winning sleds receive a winner’s certificate.

All participating Scouts & Scouters receive a special event crest.
There are 5 sled categories as listed: 
1) Best Sled Design
2) Junior Sled - Teamwork 
3) Junior Sled  - Highest Earned Points 
4) Senior Sled  - Teamwork 
5) Senior Sled - Highest Earned Point

Stoves and fuels:Each sled should come self contained for cooking their own lunch (suggestions are Hobo stoves, buddy burners, single burner camp stoves, etc.). Self Contained. Self Catered. No Fuel is provided - Here are some Stove Design ideas
Emergency Planning:Please download the Emergency Planning document 
2015 Klondike Emergency Plan
One page handout: One page Quick Reference will be available for the Scout Leaders at the event.
One page handout: Recognition of Frostbite and Hypothermia will be available for the Scout Leaders at the event if below -5C.
You will also be given a copy of the final one page 'Quick Reference' guide when you arrive at the event.
Kit lists, Sled team lists, Maps:

 The following files are available for you to download:

Bad Weather Contingency:

In the event of a poor weather forecast for the day of the event, in the week before the Klondike Event we will adopt the following procedure:  Wednesday week prior – email alert emailed to all registered troop leaders and posted to the Klondike website warning attendees of a potential change of plan – Two scenarios: 

  1. Event runs as planned (email notification emailed to all registered troop leaders and posted to the Klondike website)  
  2. Event moved to February 7th. (Email notification emailed to all registered troop leaders and posted to the Klondike website. Calls to all registered troop leaders) 

    In the event of cancellation on the 7th we will forward crests to the registered troops, along with whatever reimbursement is possible, once we have taken account of expenses.
CommunicationsGMSR/FSR radios: 

Kit List – for the Scouts Sleds

  1. 2 ropes 15 m long to assist in up-hill, down-hill and side-hill maneuvers
  2. Ropes for securing load to the sled
  3. Tarp to wrap sled contents 
  4. Small shovel
  5. First aid kit
  6. Water in insulated jug
  7. Utensils needed to make lunch
  8. Smaller ropes for activities/events (lashing, knot tying)
  9. Scout knife
  10. 6 Spars - 6 ft length
  11. Compass
  12. Cooking stove.  This can be a Hobo stove or an alcohol stove.
  13. Participants daypacks
  14. Participant Enrolment forms/physical fitness forms for all Patrol members

. For Leaders, most Group Commissioners identify this as a Level 2 Scouting Activity, for easy reference here are links to documents on the Scouts Canada site
Section 10000 Outdoor Activity GuideScouts Canada BP&P Page