As a leader going to the Klondike Derby there are a number of steps you need to take :

  1. Discuss the Derby with your Troop, see if they wish to Participate (see whats a Klondike Derby)
  2. Submit your forms to Group Committee (Prepopulated forms below for a Level 2 Activity)
  3. Notify your parents Parent/Scout Information Form
  4. Obtain your numbers and regisiter your Troop Fill out the on-line Registration form: Registration Form for 2015
  5. Send cheque to Registrar 
  6. Do a dry run with your sled and activity (Gear List for Patrol Sled)
  7. Review the Scouts and Sled Pack list (Gear List for Individual Scouts) with the Scouts
  8. Review your Pack List and pack (Gear List for Scouters
  9. HAVE FUN!!!
STEP 10 : Day of the Event Forms & Information

1. Bring the following documents with you the day of the event:

KD Sled Team Member list (one page per team)

2. Fomrs seperated by sled to be carried by the Sled Captains

Each Sled Team is responsible to carry a first aid kit on their Sled.


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