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Scouters - Kit List [ KLONDIKE DERBY SCOUTERS KIT LIST.doc (Downloadable Document) ]

Warm clothing worn

  1. Everything the Scouts need clothing wise (outdoor and indoor for banquet)

  2. Filled water bottle

  3. Mug (a big handle helps with drining with mitts on – no metal please!)

  4. Pens and clip board

  5. Registration/medical forms ( 1 set in sealed envelop to be handed in at time of registration – separated into sled please) for all Troop members both Scouts and Leaders attending

  6. Ratio – as per BP&P

  7. camera for pictures

  8. photo release forms

  9. anything else you think you need to bring

  10. GROUP NECKER!!!!!!

Packed separately and kept in a car until the banquet:
  1. Scouts Canada Uniform 
  2. Indoor shoes or slippers

Note: Dinner will be served with all plates, cups and cutlery supplied by event committee.

Good attitude and desire to have fun !!!