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Key Information

Event Coordinator:

Dwain Ehler                           dehler@2ndrussellscouting.ca


Russell Fairgrounds, 1084 Concession, Russell, Ontario K4R 1A6


Saturday January 31, 2015

If it looks like conditions may lead to cancellation, an initial email will be sent by Wednesday January 28 at 9:00pm.

In the event of cancellation we will forward crests to the registered troops, along with whatever reimbursement is possible, once we have taken account of expenses.

Back-Up Date:

Saturday February 7, 2015


Arrive 8:00AM                                                                                  

Opening Ceremony at 8:45AM 
Derby events start at 9:05AM and ends at 4:15PM 
Indoor Banquet 4:50PM to 6:15PM 


$20 per person (Cheque made out to "Scouts Canada - Rideau Area")

Registration close:

January 24, 2015 at 9:00pm

Sled Categories:

At registration, each youth's age must be provided.

The senior and junior sled designation will be done on the basis of of the average age.

Half of the sleds in the Derby will be placed in the junior category and half in the senior category based on the sled's average age.

If there are multiple sleds at the median, they will be randomly and evenly distributed to junior and senior categories. 


This event is open only to registered Scout youth and Scout leaders. 
Non registered individuals are welcome to watch the activities. 

All registered participants are required to submit Physical fitness paperwork to the organizers of the Klondike Derby with their sled registration form in one of two ways: 

a) Copies of the youth and adult Scouts Canada registration and emergency contact information form (myscouts printouts) 
b) Scouts Canada Physical Fitness form for each participant

Spare copies of the Scouts Canada Physical fitness form will be available at the Klondike Registration desk at 8:30AM. 

The 2015 Klondike Derby planning team will provide the following: 
(1) Klondike Sled design
(2) Alcohol and Hobo Stove designs

(3) Recognition of Frostbite and Hypothermia Resource

(4) 2015 Area Klondike Derby Area Level Emergency Plan

(5) Event schedule


The banquet will be a sit down chicken dinner provided by 2nd Russell Scouting Group.

An alternate menu for allergies or dietary requirements can be provided upon request.  Please email Dave Laramee at  dlaramee@2ndrussellscouting.ca to confirm any special needs.


Winning sleds receive a trophy which they are responsible for until the next scheduled Klondike Derby. All participants will receive an event crest. 
There are 5 sled categories as listed: 
1) Best Sled Design
2) Junior Sled - Teamwork 
3) Junior Sled  - Highest Earned Points 
4) Senior Sled  - Teamwork 
5) Senior Sled - Highest Earned Point

Available Resources

2015 Klondike Derby Registration form
2015 Klondike Derby Sled Team Member list (one page per team)
2015 Klondike Derby Sled Team Kit List
Klondike Stove Design

Directions and site maps to be handed after registration received.

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