Code of Conduct - 2nd Russell Scouting

Purposes of the Code

  1. To ensure that everyone is treated with equal respect and dignity.
  2. To maintain an environment where conflict and difference can be addressed in a respectful and civil manner.
  3. To promote the safety of all people at meeting locations and scouting events.
  4. To promote, respect and follow the section appropriate Promise, Law, and Motto.
  5. To promote responsible citizenship through service to the community as well as by participation at community events where applicable.

Respect, Civility, and Responsible Citizenship

All scouting members scouting shall:

    • treat one another with dignity, and respect the rights of others at all times;
    • respect differences in people, their ideas, and their opinions;
    • respect the need of others to work in an environment that is conducive to learning and teaching;
    • demonstrate honesty and integrity;
    • refrain from swearing or using inappropriate language at any time;
    • seek assistance, if necessary, to resolve a conflict peacefully;
    • show proper care and regard for the property of others;
    • take appropriate measures to help those in need;
    • respect and comply with all applicable federal, provincial, and municipal laws;
    • take appropriate measures to help those in need.


All scouting members shall not:

    • threaten or intimidate another person;
    • engage in bullying behaviours;
    • deliberately cause injury to another person;
    • engage in hate propaganda and other forms of behaviour motivated by hate or bias.

I understand the above principles and agree to conduct myself accordingly,

Scouting Member 

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Printed name                                                               Signature

Parent signature (If member under 18 years of age) 

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