What Do You Get For Your Money?

by Ross Francis

Have you ever asked what you get for your Scouting money? It’s a fair question.

You receive great value: trained leaders providing an excellent program which will have a positive impact on the education and development of children and youth. But how much is that worth? Whatever it costs – within reason, of course.

Let’s look at Scouts Canada’s Mission Statement. The Mission of Scouting is to contribute to the education of young people, through a value system based on the Scout Promise and Law, to help build a better world where people are self-fulfilled as individuals and play a constructive role in society.

Scouts Canada believes that children and youth who we help develop will turn out to be people…
With freedom and integrity
clean of thought and true of heart, strong of will, responsible and self-reliant, with personal commitments for their lives, consistent and true to their word.

Ready to serve others;
involved in their community, defenders of their own, and other people’s rights, pledged to democracy and committed to development, lovers of justice and promoters of peace who value human labour, and build their families on love, are aware of their own dignity and that of others, and who share with everybody joyfully and affectionately.

Creative people;Mbr /> who leave the world better than they find it, and strive for the integrity of the natural world, learning continually and searching for ways still unexplored, who do their work well and, free from the hunger to possess, are independent of material things.

Spiritual people;
with a healthy sense of life, who open their hearts to God, live their faith joyfully and make it part of their daily life, who are open to dialogue and understanding, and respect the rights and beliefs of others.

Wouldn’t it be nice if everybody had an opportunity to experience Scouting and develop these character traits?! Scouts Canada believes (as did our founder, Baden-Powell) that the world would be a better place if all people had the chance to share in the Scouting adventure. It is this belief that drives us forward, trying to get Scouting programs to as many youth as possible throughout Canada. Our success is measured in numbers – numbers of children and youth who have the opportunity to grow using Scouting’s proven methods. The more people we help, the better. We want everyone to model the character traits identified above.

Leader Testimonial?
Not long ago a Scouter wrote a letter to the National Office that others should hear too. Following is the letter…

Years ago, shortly after my son was born, I met one of my former Scouts in a store. I hadn’t seen him for quite some time so we had a lot to catch up on. We talked about the fun we had experienced camping, canoeing and hiking.

Then this former Scout said, “I really enjoyed those times. I think I’d like to be a leader someday so I can help more children. Who knows, perhaps I’ll even be your son’s leader one day.”

This made me stop and think. Wow, I’ve played a significant role in this person’s life. Now he wants other children and youth to have the same experience and benefits.

All Scouting leaders should take great pride in what they are doing. They’re helping to make Canada and the world a better place. How can anyone put a price on that? Whatever it costs – within reason – it’s a bargain!

     Features.      Benefits - Parents.      Benefits - Youth     
     Program encourages youth input.     
  • youth self-expression
  • youth decision-making
  • leadership development
  • working in small groups
  • hands-on experiences
  • opportunities to help plan programs
  • opportunities to develop leadership skills
  • youth learn new skills
  • exciting, high satisfaction level for youth
  • develop new camping and outdoors skills
  • games and events and great adventures
  • test your skills and abilities
     Comprehensive training program for leaders     
  • helps ensure quality experience
  • helps ensure safety of programs
  • fun/challenging programs
     Tested and proven values-based programs     
  • progressive, co-ed programs for youth aged 5-26
  • age-appropriate activities to accommodate all youth
  • provides opportunities for youth to develop socially, spiritually, physically and mentally
  • opportunities for youth to develop leadership skills and build self-esteem
  • exciting activities/events with an outdoor focus
  • opportunities to develop leadership skills
     Outdoor focus     
  • learning/practising outdoor skills
  • self-reliance
  • healthy life-styles/physical activity
  • environmental awareness/appreciation
  • new experiences/adventures
  • regular opportunities for outdoor adventures
  • develop new skills (e.g. camping, hiking, cycling, canoeing, etc.)
  • great adventures
     Developed policies and procedures for selecting and screening leaders     
  • screened through Scouts Canada’s recruiting process
  • role models for youth
  • well established, comprehensive
  • police record checks
  • knowledgeable, caring adult leaders
     Small groups (lodges, sixes, patrols)     
  • better opportunities for youth to express themselves
  • develop sense of belonging
  • build self-esteem
  • develop group skills
  • teamwork
  • co-operation
  • opportunities to experience leadership roles
  • be with friends
  • more opportunities to have input into program events/activities
  • meet and work with new friends
  • opportunities to get involved with their child/children’s programs as a leader, on a group committee or as a helper
  • opportunities to participate with their child/children in programs
  • opportunities for families to participate together
  • opportunities to share your adventures with your parent
  • show mom/dad your new skills/abilities
     Scouts Canada program standards     
  • each youth to receive programming as set by Scouts Canada’s Program Standards
  • regular opportunities to get outdoors, to work on new skills, and have fun while trying new adventures
     Developed policies and procedures for planning, approving and conducting programs     
  • well established, comprehensive
  • helps ensure quality and safety of programs
  • fun/challenging programs
  • opportunities to earn badges and display recognition
  • motivational
  • measures progress
  • indicates new learnings
  • opportunities to earn recognition for skills and abilities
  • opportunities to test your skills
  • learn new things
  • rewards for your achievements
     Large events     
  • opportunities for youth to participate in large events/ activities
  • socialization skills
  • meet new people
  • exposure to other cultures and youth of other ages
  • opportunities for travel
  • high adventure activities
  • meet new friends
  • meet & visit youth from other cultures
  • excellent value for the dollar
  • affordable
  • accessible/affordable to all
  • reduces barriers for friends

Thank you!